Ovation Capital is a specialist investment management company which is aimed at creating structured investment products for finance institutions, institutional & high net worth investors. Ovation aims to deliver consistently above average returns to the investor in each of the selected investment products. The key investment offerings which Ovation Capital will offer in the long term will be comprised of a Venture Capital Fund, A private Equity Fund and a Later stage Corporate Finance Fund with the Mineral Beneficiation Fund  being the initial fund under the Venture Capital Sector asset class. The fund will provide key inroads in the advancement of SA’s Mineral Beneficiation Policy.

Above this Ovation Capital also provides the following list of services across different industries:

  1. Investment Advisory & Structuring: Venture Capital, Private Equity & Corporate Finance

  2. Deal Sourcing

  3. Capital Raising

  4. Investment Management & Reporting

As a key investment offering at this point Ovation Capital has structured and packaged a Mineral Beneficiation Fund named South African Mineral Beneficiation Fund. The fund is to be rolled out on a phased approach with the 1st phase being a portfolio-build up investment phase. The 2nd shall be comprised of raising a fully-fledged Mineral Beneficiation Fund which is expected to be capital of approximately R100m. The fund will provide key inroads and also act as a catalyst towards meaningful participation of Broad Based Black Economic participation in the value addition and ownership of South Africa’s mineral resources through the mineral beneficiation complexes to be developed in South Africa.





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The foundation of Ovation Capital’s business is based on the stark departure from the norm and mediocrity towards the employment of advanced investment techniques seeking to maximise the return on each unit currency deployed to an investment. Ovation Capital’s investment approach is based on employing rigorous opportunity & risk assessment methodologies which seek to identify the associated risks upfront and thus enable the development of a wholly encompassing risk mitigation and management framework.


Within the Venture Capital space Ovation Capital utilises the means known investment approach of developing an investment management plan which sets to create a clear investment project plan aimed at deploying capital to those milestone which hierarchically prove the financial viability (“fatal flaws analysis”) of a project and reduce risk on an incremental basis. The resultant effect is an early go or no go decision at an early stage of a project with very little capital having been deployed prior to committing an extensive amount of capital.