Ovation Capital is a niche investment firm aimed at deploying capital across a spectrum of asset classes namely Venture Capital, Private Equity and later stage Corporate Finance. At this stage the company has a strong focus in the development of the Venture Capital Sector in South Africa through the establishment of an early stage Mineral Beneficiation Fund and aims to be a catalyst in raising investor awareness and upward development of the sector in general.

Ovation Capital is a firm borne out of the need to introduce a disciplined investment management strategy cantered around an entrepreneurial approach to the selected market opportunities upon which the investment funds will be deployed. Ovation Capital’s culture is influenced in equal magnitude by the key principles of innovation and entrepreneurship in achieving the ultimate goal of delivering handsome returns to the investor through the use of the two principles as the armouring tools. Ovation Capital utilises a hands on approach in ensuring that once an investment has been made an entrepreneurial yet disciplined approach is employed during the development phase life cycle of each project to full completion and exit from the investment.



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